Methodological Resources

Evidence Partners, in close collaboration with our research affiliates, is pleased to make these instructional and methodological resources available for use by the research community. We hope that they benefit you in your research efforts.

Getting Started

Systematic Review Life Cycle ~Infographic~
Agreement Settings Cheat Sheet Quick Reference

Methods Resources

The following commentaries and instruments have been contributed by the CLARITY Group at McMaster University.

Exclusive Resources

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5 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Systematic Reviews

Get our exclusive e-book and learn five simple ways to streamline your screening and data extraction processes for better, faster systematic reviews.

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Hierarchical Data Extraction
White Paper

Download our free White Paper discussing Hierarchical Data Extraction as a new and sophisticated approach to capturing repeating data sets in systematic reviews.

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Buyer’s Guide to
Systematic Review Software

This guide will help you evaluate and find the best systematic review software for your needs.

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Buyer’s Guide to
Literature Review Software

This guide will help you evaluate and find the best literature review software for your pharmacovigilance and CER needs.

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