Academic & Student Pricing

We offer the following options for students, faculty, and institutions.

On October 29, 2021, we will make changes on this web page to DistillerSR’s student and faculty pricing options. These changes will allow us to better address the needs of our academic subscribers. 

First, the Student Free option will no longer be available. This will allow us to enhance the resources and support we provide our paid student subscribers.  Second, faculty members will have new individual and research project subscription options for optimal project flexibility. And third, we will be adding tailored departmental and institutional DistillerSR packages to provide academic organizations with the best possible packages for their research needs.

Questions? Review the Student Program FAQ.

Library and Academic Site Subscription

This subscription can be customized to cover an entire institution or a department and includes:

  • Discounted academic rates that meet your exact subscription requirements
  • Project packs so you can start small and scale up
  • Private registration portal through your library
  • Easy-to-use administrative interface for user and project management