Better, Faster Systematic Reviews

DistillerSR is the world’s most used systematic review software. It was designed from the ground up to give you a better review experience, faster project completion and transparent, audit-ready results.

Real Time Collaboration

DistillerSR can be used from any browser or device, which means your team can collaborate in real time, regardless of location.

Powerful Customized Reports

DistillerSR’s Datarama reporting engine gives you comprehensive access to reporting, data cleaning and data export. You always have full access to all of your data—whenever you want it—in whatever format you need it.

Simple Reporting

Built in real time reports including Kappa, PRISMA, User Metrics and Reference Progress means that you know your study’s precise status at all times.

Simple, Flexible Form Creation

Drag and drop level and protocol design for quick, flexible and intuitive study configuration.

Find Relevant References Faster

Continuous AI Reprioritization learns from references you’ve already screened and re-orders the remaining references based on how likely they are to be included. By putting the most pertinent references at the top of your screening list, you will find relevant references much faster.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Reduce the amount of time spent on screening and data extraction by leveraging DistillerSR’s AI-powered features. Using natural language processing, these features can dramatically increase efficiency in your reviews.

DistillerSR’s Intuitive 5 Step Process

Distiller Step 1

Load your references

  • Drag and drop from any reference management software
  • Upload references and full text documents
  • Search and import references directly from PubMed
  • Automatically archive all searches
  • Full duplicate detection and removal
Distiller Step 2

Create your forms

  • Build intelligent screening and data extraction forms with:
    • Skip logic
    • Input validation
    • Automatic calculations
    • Data propagation
  • Create reusable form libraries
Distiller Step 3

Lay out your workflow and assign reviewers

  • Use any number of forms, in any order
  • Assign reviewers to study stages
  • Set custom inclusion/exclusion protocols as appropriate
  • Configure keyword highlighting
  • Use boolean filters to branch your study
Distiller Step 4

Monitor and tune your review

  • Monitor study progress in real-time
    • Reference progress
    • Reviewer/data conflicts
    • Included/excluded reference counts
  • Monitor the review process
    • Kappa interrater reliability scoring
    • Reviewer participation reports
    • Track time spent by participants
Distiller Step 5

Export your results

  • Included/excluded study lists and reports
  • PRISMA flowchart automation
  • Comprehensive data tables
  • Full report customization
  • Single click export to Word, Excel and reference tools

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