Clinical Evaluation Report Software for MEDDEV Compliant, Audit-Ready Literature Reviews

DistillerSR is a multi-user, web-based platform that makes it easy to configure, manage, and update your literature reviews as part of your Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) preparation process.

DistillerSR Enterprise Plan

Managing your DistillerSR account across different departments or projects just got easier. With the DistillerSR Enterprise Plan, you can enable multiple administrators, build reports from across projects, and more.

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Audit Ready

Transparent, auditable, and reproducible results are fundamental to compliant reviews. DistillerSR’s integrated audit trail, version control, and data navigation features mean the precise origin of your data is only a click away.

Compliant Reviews, Faster

By streamlining and automating screening and data extraction, reviewer conflict checking, duplicate reference removal, and inclusion/exclusion processing, DistillerSR lets you get more done in less time.

Standardized Process

DistillerSR provides prescriptive, customizable protocols that facilitate standardized processes and methods across your organization.

Management Oversight

DistillerSR’s real-time dashboards, built in reports, and and custom report exports let you monitor your entire project and team to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Better Data, Fewer Errors

Errors in your data set, such as duplicate references, transcription errors and bad manual decisions can skew, or worse, invalidate your results. DisitlllerCER provides built-in automation and validation tools that dramatically reduce the potential for error in your reviews.

Dramatically Faster Updates

Living reviews in DistillerSR periodic updates fast and easy. Simply upload the latest search results, use the de-duplication tool to remove references you’ve already reviewed, adjust your protocol if needed, and process only the new references. Your new data is blended with the original review data for inclusion in your submission.

Find Relevant References Faster

Continuous AI Reprioritization learns from references you’ve already screened and re-orders the remaining references based on how likely they are to be included. By putting the most pertinent references at the top of your screening list, you will find relevant references much faster.

Powered By Artificial Intelligence

Reduce the amount of time spent on screening and data extraction by leveraging DistillerSR’s AI-powered features. Using natural language processing, these features can dramatically increase efficiency in your reviews.

Our Clients Say

Buyer’s Guide to
Literature Review Software

This guide will help you evaluate and find the best literature review software for your pharmacovigilance and CER needs.

Our Customers Say

DistillerSR is an indispensable part of R&Q’s CER work and has allowed us to serve our clients effectively and efficiently. It’s enabled us to better manage our increased volume of work due to the MEDDEV 2.7/1 rev. 4 update.

Ryan KasunRegulatory and Quality Solutions LLC (R&Q)

With DistillerSR, our EU MDR clients are getting their CER literature reviews done and approved quickly and efficiently. The feedback from the notified bodies about the quality and presentation of their DistillerSR-generated data has been extremely positive.

Dr. Isabella SteffensenCEO, Thera-Business

DistillerSR has been instrumental in improving our ability to review full text articles in an efficient and consistent manner. Our Notified Body loves the PRISMA diagrams and process outputs which help us in delivering compliant results that meet their expectations.

Donna Mitchell-Magaldi C.R. Bard Davol

With DistillerSR's reusable project templates, we can get new projects started quickly and can ensure every literature review follows our proven process to ensure regulatory compliance.

Laurie MitchellPresident of Criterion Edge
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