Storage, curation and retrieval of coded references

CuratorCR lets you store, curate, and re-use large repositories of coded references that are generated as a by-product of the literature review process.

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Coded Reference Management

Using CuratorCR, you can aggregate and categorize related reference materials from multiple sources and build custom libraries of coded references specific to your organization’s research interests.

Precise Searches

Striving for high recall usually means sacrificing precision when searching unstructured abstracts. CuratorCR provides a comprehensive query builder interface to let you easily search against coded data, reference pedigree and contributor in addition to all standard search fields.

Curation Tools

Manage your coded reference repositories with CuratorCR’s powerful tools for merging data sets, duplicate reference detection, and data quality checks.

DistillerSR Integration

Easily export coded references from your DistillerSR projects into CuratorCR.

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