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Maximize Your DistillerSR Experience

DistillerSR is designed to help researchers handle the ever-growing workload they are presented with as they conduct systematic reviews and literature reviews. We want to make things as easy as possible for you. We know you’re busy. Whether you’re managing a team of researchers, conducting evidence synthesis, or working as a screener on a big project, you need to maximize your time and resources. 

Customer Success is our way of making sure your team has the tools and resources needed to maximize their time in DistillerSR. These programs are applicable throughout any stage of your workflow and are catered to your unique needs as a user. 



Accelerate the integration process

Our implementation experts will work with you to configure your DistillerSR account to meet your organization’s specific needs for a fully compliant, scalable, and optimized experience. Make sure your team is trained quickly and effectively to ensure a seamless and flawless implementation in your organization. 

Onboarding includes:

  • End-to-end project management services
  • Expert assistance to configure DistillerSR project template
  • 60 min discovery session to determine requirements
  • 60 min session to review configuration and validate accuracy and provide feedback
  • Up to 4 hours of instructor led training to get your team trained

(all this in addition to the support that is included in every DistillerSR package)

Have more than one project to set up? Ask us about multiple project options! 

Professional Services

Custom solutions to all your questions

If you’re already using DistillerSR, but have specific questions or requirements that you need addressed, we offer Professional Services.

Consulting from our qualified Customer Success Solution Engineers can be purchased by the day (8 hours) and provides solutions specifically tailored to your needs. 

Some examples of topics Professional Services cover include: 

  • Configuring workflows
  • Settings adjustments
  • Designing and creating forms, templates, reports
  • Importing references, running deduplication, editing references, deleting references, etc. 
  • Exploring DistillerSR advanced features
  • Making changes to existing DistillerSR projects
  • Introductory training, advanced training, custom feature training, reports training
  • DistillerSR consulting and configuration to suit your specific needs
  • And more!


Fast and easy training that will save you time and money

Get new team members full trained or sharpen your DistillerSR skills with our multi-level training options. By outsourcing training, your senior team members can focus on their important work, not training new hires. Several training levels offer something for everyone from screeners to admin project leaders, managers, and more. 

There are 4 levels of training:

  1. Basic – Designed for every user, covers an overview of DistillerSR main functionalities and navigation and a high level look at configuration. Best for users looking to get an understanding of key features. 
  2. Advanced – Designed for admins. Provides a detailed look at admin-specific functions and complex workflow configurations. Best for users who set up projects and configure workflow components excluding AI toolkit, enterprise features, and reports. 
  3. Reporting – Covers all canned reports and custom reporting options. Best for users who will need to work with reports such as Kappa, PRISMA, Datarama, exporting/saving reports. 
  4. Custom – Can be catered to anything you need. One hour session is totally customizable. Can be used as a deep dive into any DistillerSR feature, or anything else you need training on. 

All training programs come with the ability to write an accompanying certification exam at no extra cost.

Discounts may be applied for large groups. Additional taxes may apply.


$ 275

Per Person


$ 325

Per Person


$ 375

Per Person


$ 500

Per Group Up to 5 People
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Prove your knowledge

If you’re already a DistillerSR pro, you can now take one of our official certification exams to prove your knowledge and get certified. Certification exams are a great way to confirm your knowledge and training. It also looks great on a resume or for contractors looking for ways to validate experience and skills. 

  1. Basic – Have a basic understanding of DistillerSR’s main features? Start here! ($75)
  2. Advanced – Put your DistillerSR configuration skills to the test to pass this Advanced certification. ($125)
  3. Reports -Prove that you’re a Datarama Dynamo and get Reporting certified. ($125)
  4. Super User – Earn your DistillerSR Super User Cape with the Super User Certification. This certification combines all of the above. ($250)

Tune Up

Take your review to the next level

There are always ways to improve and maximize your use of DistillerSR. Let our Customer Success Solution Engineers assess your current DistillerSR processes and provide a full report on ways to improve and enhance your practices for faster, more efficient reviews. 

Included in your Tune Up:

  • Project management services and kickoff
  • One 60 minute discovery session to acquire and clarify requirements
  • Review of current configuration (workflow, forms, settings, etc.)
  • Report detailing suggested changes and optimization recommendations

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