Compliant, Audit-Ready Pharmacovigilance Literature Review Platform

DistillerSR delivers a fully compliant, transparent and audit-ready solution for more efficient pharmacovigilance literature review processes.

Facing an increasingly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies, service providers and CROs have chosen DistillerSR software for their pharmacovigilance literature review processes.

DistillerSR is a comprehensive solution that automates many of the manual tasks involved in the systematic monitoring and screening of medical literature, ensuring that your pharmacovigilance literature review processes are completed as efficiently as possible.

NEW! Automated Reference Screening

DistillerAI is an artificial intelligence-powered screening assistant built into DistillerSR.

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Why Choose DistillerSR?

DistillerSR Screenshot - Screening Form

Use screening forms from DistillerSR’s template library or create your own with custom screening criteria

Scalable Solution

Whether you manage 5 or 50,000 product dossiers, DistillerSR provides a fully scalable platform that can easily accommodate unlimited users and has unlimited reference capacity.

Global Team and Project Management

DistillerSR’s real-time dashboards and customizable reports let you monitor your entire portfolio and team to ensure that things are running smoothly.

With its secure, cloud-based platform, DistillerSR is always available, whenever and wherever your team members need it. Our license model supports globally dispersed teams and follow-the-sun operations, allowing you to leverage a global workforce without excess cost.

Always Audit-Ready

DistillerSR tracks all project activity and provides customizable data capture, workflow and reporting to conform to your business practices. With DistillerSR, you’re always audit-ready.

Automated Processes

Automate your manual processes and spend more time on the things that matter. DistillerSR provides prescriptive, customizable protocols that facilitate standardized processes and methods across your organization.

DistillerSR Screenshot - Record Flow

Efficiently and accurately track the flow of records and easily demonstrate your decision process

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