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The DistillerSR Campus Package is a turnkey site-wide or faculty subscription that’s easy to customize to meet your needs.

  • Discounted academic rates that meet your exact subscription requirements
  • Project packs so you can start small and scale up
  • Private registration portal through your library
  • Easy-to-use administrative interface for user and project management
All DistillerSR Subscriptions Include
Comprehensive training videos and user guide
Weekly live support webinars
Email support anytime

Looking for something not mentioned here? Ask us, we’ll work with you to create exactly what you need – this includes matching price quotes for other systematic review software packages.

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We offer a FREE 3-month DistillerSR trial subscription for librarians. Ask us how you can get started.

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Why DistillerSR and CuratorCR?

1 | Speed

DistillerSR users complete their reviews up to 60% faster, and with CuratorCR to store the references and full text documents you have already reviewed (along with all of the meta-data you’ve extracted), follow-on projects go even faster.

2 | Accuracy

Manual data entry errors and undetected duplicate references can put the integrity of your results at risk. DistillerSR’s powerful validation tools check your input as it is entered, and even automate the completion of certain fields, to dramatically reduce the potential for errors.

DistillerSR also records every change you make, which means detecting changes in your data is easy and undoing them is a snap.

DistillerSR’s AI-powered deduplication engine is super fast and amazingly accurate so you can be confident in your results.

3 | Flexibility

Many systematic reviews have nothing to do with randomized trials or even human heath. DistillerSR users conduct reviews on everything from medical guidelines, to soil toxicity or even political policy. DistillerSR makes it easy to customize everything from forms to workflow to adapt to any project protocol in any domain.

4 | Compatibility

DistillerSR allows you to import and export your data in all of the most common file formats, such as CSV, Excel, Word, PDF, RIS, and ENLX. It also connects directly to PubMed for seamless searching, and we are adding similar integrations with other popular database and document sources to make finding relevant articles faster and easier than ever.

5 | Innovation

Have you met DAISY yet? She’s the cute robot mascot for DistillerSR’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence features, which can be used in a number of different ways to accelerate and improve your screening process.

In fact, because DistillerSR is 100% funded by our user community, we are able to reinvest millions of dollars in R&D every year to continually improve DAISY and the rest of DistillerSR to continue making researchers lives better.

6 | Reliability

The DistillerSR and CuratorCR platforms that we provide to academic groups are the same industrial-strength platforms we provide to global industry and government agencies so you know you can count on them to be robust, thoroughly tested, and always available.

7 | Data Ownership

Evidence Partners believes that your data is yours and that no one else should be able to access it without your explicit permission. Always read the fine print!

8 | Passion

At Evidence Partners, our mission is to make the literature review process better for everyone. Our awesome team is led by the experts who invented the world’s first commercially available systematic review software, supported by a team who are experts in their respective fields (including our resident epidemiologist who co-authored the PRISMA Statement guideline!)

Ten years ago, our founders asked, “What if we could help shape the future of evidence-based research?” and that continues to be our only agenda.

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