Regulatory Writing Experts Gain Competitive Edge With DistillerSR

“DistillerSR supports our best practices in literature review, which helps us to stand out against our competition. DistillerSR has absolutely helped us win new clients.”

Laurie Mitchell
President, Criterion Edge

The Company

Criterion Edge is a medical communications company specializing in the preparation of regulatory submissions such as Clinical Evaluation Reports, Clinical Study Reports, and other documents that require a systematic literature review.

The Criterion Edge team includes experienced medical writers who work with a wide range of global customers, including top 5 pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as small, high-growth startup ventures in these industries.

“Our clients trust us to be literature review experts, so we always need to be using the right tools to support best practices,” says Laurie Mitchell, President of Criterion Edge.

The Challenges

Like many other research organizations, Criterion Edge relied heavily on spreadsheets in their literature review process. However, they found that the manual process of capturing data from citations into spreadsheets was extremely time consuming. Effective collaboration was also difficult, since spreadsheets are not easily shareable and version control is limited.

The Solution

DistillerSR is a fully compliant software solution for conducting literature reviews to meet regulatory requirements. The Criterion Edge team was introduced to DistillerSR by one of their clients, and they quickly found that it was able to streamline their literature review process in several ways.

As a web-based solution, DistillerSR allows users to easily collaborate on projects regardless of where they’re located. The software also records every user interaction and version controls all data, ensuring a complete audit trail.

Although these features were important to Criterion Edge, their favorite thing about DistillerSR is that they can use templates to create standardized, repeatable processes.

“We love being able to create reusable project templates with DistillerSR. With templates, we can get new client projects started quickly and can ensure every literature review follows our proven process to ensure regulatory compliance.”

The Results

Using DistillerSR has allowed Criterion Edge to consistently follow their proven literature review process, making it easier to ensure that their work meets all regulatory requirements.

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