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“What if we could help shape the future of evidence-based research?”

In 2001, our founders, Jonathan Barker, Peter O’Blenis, and Ian Stefanison, were first introduced to systematic reviews while working on clinical data management software for medical trials at TrialStat Corporation.

Building on a prototype developed by Dr. David Moher’s team at the CHEO Research Institute, Ian and Peter developed the first commercially available systematic review software, SRS. It was quickly embraced by a small but enthusiastic group of Evidence-Based Practice Centers (EBPCs), academic research groups and NGOs in North America and Europe.

TrialStat Original Offices
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After the sale of TrialStat in 2008, our founding partners remained focused on developing innovative technologies to improve healthcare research.  This led to the development of DistillerSR, a highly configurable software platform that could be used to facilitate and accelerate a broad spectrum of structured literature review types. With the first version of DistillerSR still in development, the team hired Henry Ebron, former TrialStat colleague and systematic review expert, to head up customer support for the new software.

And with that, Evidence Partners was born.

From 2009 to 2012, systematic reviews rose to prominence as the backbone of evidence-based research. DistillerSR’s user community grew rapidly around the world, led by progressive researchers who appreciated how it reduced their workload and improved the transparency of their reviews.

And while DistillerSR’s traditional market continued to expand, something else happened.

Research Articles That Used DistillerSR

Commercial organizations began adopting DistillerSR to address their specific literature review challenges. Although they use different processes and protocols than the academic field, they share a fundamental need for faster, more transparent, and more manageable literature reviews to support health technology assessments, regulatory submissions, and post-market surveillance.

Because DistillerSR was designed from the outset to be protocol agnostic and adaptable to any workflow, and because it is developed and operated within a fully regulatory compliant framework, it has proven to be ideally suited for a broad and growing range of literature review applications.

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Today, Ian, Peter, and Jonathan, along with our rapidly growing team of highly motivated professionals, are more passionate than ever about developing and sharing tools, technologies and methods that will shape the future of evidence-based research.

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