Katy McFee

Executive Vice President, Sales

Katy joins Evidence Partners as Executive Vice President of Sales, with almost 20 years experience in sales, business development and leadership. Katy brings a deep knowledge of the research and medical device industry, having spent the first 15 years  of her career working in Biotech.

Katy’s primary interest is in bringing new, disruptive technologies to market that are changing the field of healthcare. She played an integral role in revenue growth at DNA Genotek (acquired by Orasure Technologies) before moving to successful sales roles at Sigma Aldrich and Roche Diagnostics. Katy has held senior management roles at Spartan Bioscience, where she introduced their rapid, point-of-care genetic testing technology to the market, and most recently as VP Sales at Fullscript. She has done everything from building a sales organization from scratch to scaling a team to drive and support 9-digit revenue growth. Katy has also held various advisory board positions in the areas of technology and sales strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biopharmaceutical Science from the University of Ottawa.

Katy is passionate about helping young women in business, particularly in tech-based industries. She has volunteered as a board member and Co-chair for Women Powering Technology, and has participated in a number of speaking engagements and workshops for students, including Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) and the Science Students Association. Katy received the Ottawa Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award in 2014 for her business and community accomplishments.